Boudoir Sessions

Elegant, suggestive and classy are how I would describe my boudoir shoots.

Whether you do it for your partner as a special surprise, or your new spouse as a wedding present or even more importantly for yourself, I offer the same professional service as I do with all my photography. My aim is to capture your inner beauty in a seductive and alluring manner.

If you scroll down I've added a special Q&A section to answer all your questions regarding this amazing service.



1/ What Should I wear?

It’s always a good idea to have 5 or 6 outfits to change into.

If we are shooting a pre wedding boudoir shoot, then I recommend the wedding night attire. Your spouse will want to remember that night for many years to come; this will help relive those memories! For ladies who will be wearing lingerie, plain colours work best, shoes should be ones that are impossible to walk in and chicken fillets are a girl’s best friend!

Hair and makeup are a given. Fake eyelashes look great; makeup should be more natural than party glam to compliment the shoot.


2/I’m really nervous about a shoot of this kind. I’m not sure I feel comfortable trying to look sexy in front of a stranger.


This is very normal for a non professional model, there are many aspects to the above statement.

Firstly nerves. My job as a professional photographer is to put you at ease, I will only photograph poses that you feel comfortable with. If the model feels awkward the photo will look terrible!

Secondly looking sexy.  This is a boudoir shoot, not a glamour shoot. I want my clients to look seductive and suggestive at most. Beautiful boudoir photography is an art form, with an image being able to be hung on the wall, not the type that would appear in Nuts magazine!

Lastly “the stranger”. I consider myself to be wholly professional in every aspect of my work. I will make sure I am friendly and respectful to put you at ease. If I am shooting your wedding, boudoir and engagement shots, then we will get to know each other very well. I am blessed to have met some amazing people and some wonderful couples and we have always finished our photographic journey as friends.

What else….?

Although I will ask you to move parts of your body, there is never any physical contact between myself and the client.

Worried about what will be going through my mind as I shoot you? 

No problem I can tell you now…… 

shutter speed, aperture, natural and flash light, iso levels, what’s in the background, lines and curves of composition, shadows, white balance, hand and leg position, focus correction, depth of field and more.  There is so much I have to get right for that perfect shot and this takes a HUGE amount of concentration and is the reason you are paying me.



3/I’m not comfortable with my body!


Me either!

Seriously who is??!

A recent survey found 96% of women had some kind of hang up about their bodies. I would say men are not far off. I have photographed many professional models, and even they have a side or a body part they are not comfortable with. My job is to find your beauty, and I will. I will pose you to not only show off your best, most seductive bits but also to hide the bits you’re not happy with.


4/ Wouldn’t it be better if I had a female photographer?

That is your choice and I totally respect that. I can recommend a couple of female photographers for you.

Generally male and female photographers shoot boudoir differently. Female photographers will generally shoot as a voyeur looking into the world of the bedroom, male photographers tends to shoot more seductive and suggestively. When the model is male the opposite is true!

Both styles create great shots, and each has its merits. If it’s a present for your spouse, decide what he/she would prefer.

5/Is there anything you need to know to shoot better photos??

Yes! I will ask you a number of questions before and even during the shoot. Essentially I will be looking to establish what body parts you (and importantly your other half) loves and hates. The style you prefer and much more.


6/What level of nudity is required?

There is no required level of nudity. It’s all about what you are comfortable with. As mentioned earlier, I will not shoot glamour or explicit photos.

Obviously if you want a boudoir shoot with a roll neck jumper and trousers, I may struggle a bit!


7/Are my images safe?

They are with me.

Your online gallery will be set with an ultra strong password that I do not keep. (Should you loose it, I can reset it for you). All boudoir images on my hard drive are password encrypted (128bit blowfish) just in case my hard drive is ever stolen. If you request your images on a disk, they again will be password encrypted with a 30day trial encryption program included on the disk, unless you specify otherwise.

(If you wish to print using an external company, please use a respected one for your image security).

I do not use the images for my promotional purposes. I have boudoir shots of models that I use to show clients and for my website. If  you specifically say I can, then I will!


8/Ok Let's do it……  

How much will it cost and what’s included?


Prices start at £300, this includes a consultation, 2 hour shoot, professional editing of all worthy photos, usually between 20 & 30 shots.

*This price does not included albums and printing costs.

**If you are doing a boudoir shoot as part of the full Wedding package I will offer you a significant discount.