Welcome to Tino Antoniou Photography 


Tino began his photographic journey with a good grounding. Having completed photography diplomas and more importantly receiving guidance and tutelage from some of the best photographers in the UK and beyond, Tino went on to establish himself as a full time photographer in a very short space of time. 

Today, having a wealth of experience of shooting weddings all over the world for many high-profile clients, nothing fazes him. From the grandiose to small intimate gatherings, Tino has done it all.

Tino is now a rising star in the world of Wedding Photography having had his work featured in a number of publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Brides Magazine and many more.


Photography style

As you look through the website, you will notice a reluctance to conform to a certain ‘style’

 “My style?? When it comes to a wedding I know each one is unique, I really do try and get into the mindset of my couples to understand exactly what type of wedding they have envisaged, and shoot and edit accordingly, my images although they are like my children, don’t belong to me. I think many photographers don’t understand that everyone has different tastes.”


Personal Touch

“I’d like to say that I’m a pretty good photographer, but most my clients book me for being me.

On a wedding day, it’s very important to know when to stay in the shadows and when to be involved, when to smile and laugh and when to keep quiet. Even more important is how to deal with guests and family. Your couples are going to have you hanging around them all day on one of the most important days of their lives, if you don’t know how to be likeable and discreet then in my opinion it doesn’t matter how good you are….  You’re not a wedding photographer.”


Commercial Work

“I like to understand a company’s needs before I shoot, images in this modern age are so important to branding and sales. It sounds corny but you definitely have to be at one with the concept before you even consider picking up a camera.”



Tino has shot for many high-end companies and clients, including Reckitt Benckiser, Tommy Hilfiger, Cheval Residencies, Snapchat, Save the Children, Haines and Watt and many more.

The bulk of his commercial work though is for local businesses and has a diverse client portfolio including hotels, architects, interior designers, restaurants, plumbing companies and much more. 



Tino has had many images published in various media. His images have been featured in Tatler, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Brides, the BBC and various national newspapers. 




Areas covered:

London and the home counties, however Tino can and does travel regularly all over the UK and shoots many destination weddings each year.

Turnaround Times:

Everyone hates waiting for photos, Wedding turnarounds are between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the time of year.  Commercial work is usually 7 days however it can be 24hours as we totally understand the need for instant marketing. 


Kit List:
Tino believes his clients deserve to be photographed with the very best. That's why he uses the latest RF series lenses and the Canon R5 Cameras

  • Canon R5 x2
  • Canon R6
  • 70-200mm RF2.8L Zoom Lens
  • 15-35MM f2.8L RF Zoom Lens
  • 24-70 RF f2.8L Zoom Lens
  • 85mm f1.2L RF Prime Lens
  • 50mm f1.2L RF Prime Lens
  • 35mm f1.8L RF Prime Lens
  • 16mm f2.8 RF Prime Lens
  • 600ex RT Speedlights x4 & remote triggers